My artist's way

My path as an artist is unlike any other. After graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts at the Kosygin Textile Academy in Moscow, I worked for many years as a costume designer and stylist. I was engaged in the production of clothes for television, advertising, photo shoots, and various projects. I  worked as a stylist for an image agency and as a costume designer for films.

For many years I have realized my creative potential in clothing and in everything related to style and the image of a person.

The outfit is inseparable from the owner – I always look at the image, the style of a person as a whole – how it is sustained, is there harmony, zest. Details in an outfit are very important, and they are what make the style unique and graceful. Therefore, I always complemented the image with hair, makeup, and interesting accessories.

But I did not feel the degree of self-expression that I feel now, doing graphics.

It’s amazing that in graphics we work with only two elements – LINE and SPOT.

Their diversity and combinations give rise to an endless range of unique combinations.

I find and see plots and images in them, which I then develop, and present my view of them to the viewer.

The theme of fashion runs like a red thread through my graphics. I like to work with female images – to stylize them, invent costumes, fit them into various plots.

Each person has his own view and vision of the picture, so each viewer can find in my paintings there is something of his own, close to him.

I am open to cooperation with fashion and interior designers, galleries, artists and anyone who wants to explore new things and move forward.