Every person has a goal or dream in life.

Perhaps you have already realized it and are going towards it, or for now you are only in search.

Even if you have a clear plan to move towards your dream, as life progresses, things arise that prevent you from moving or delay this process.

These are mostly everyday, routine tasks that cannot be avoided without wasting time.

I will make sure that you will always have a miniature navigator-talisman, assistant and inspirer on the road to your dream.

I create a talisman specifically for your individual request.

We communicate, and in the process we find key words or phrases regarding your dream or goal.

I then create this miniature painting based on these phrases, embody them graphically, and transform these phrases and words into graphic symbols and signs.

The talisman is double-sided: on the one hand there is a picture-visualization of your goal, on the other there is an individual mandala, it will help you meditate on your dream, create the right space around you.

The talisman fits into your wallet and will always be there to create balance, harmonize your field, helping your dream come true.

As I draw, I consult with you once; you make corrections, which I take into account.

The finished talisman is sent by mail.

You also receive an electronic image in good quality.

You can then print it out on thick paper or canvas and design it as you wish as a regular graphic.

The talisman is oval in shape, made of dense wood, approximately 8×5 cm, coated on both sides with durable varnish.

If desired, we can make a hole for wearing as a pendant.

This talisman will be a material symbol of your dreams, an object of meditation, a source of inspiration.

Talisman price and email copies of the painting: $500